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ACS 8.2 Plus – Analog Stereo Matrix Switcher

The ACS 8.2 Plus provides matrix audio switching of 8 stereo inputs to 2 stereo plus 2 mono outputs. Any input assigned to output one has fading capabilities. Matrix switching allows any/or all inputs to be assigned to any/or all outputs. The ACS 8.2 Plus may be controlled via front panel switches, contact closures, 5-volt TTL/CMOS logic and/or the multi-drop RS-232 serial port (control via USB or Ethernet with optional devices). Installation is simplified with plug-in euroblock screw terminals.

AES Audio Sentinel® +»Web – Web-based AES Silence Detector

The AES Audio Sentinel®+» Web is a web-enabled two channel AES/EBU silence monitor combined with an integrated 2×1 switcher. It is designed to monitor two AES audio sources, one primary, the other back-up. When silence is detected on the primary AES input it can automatically switch to the back-up AES input via mechanical latching relays.

AES DA 2×4 RJ – RJ45 AES Distribution Amplifier

The AES DA 2×4 RJ, eight output, two-input AES/EBU distribution amplifier is ideal for distributing AES/EBU signals or word clock at sample rates of up to 96kHz. It can be configured for 2×4 operation, acting as two separate one input, four output DAs, or for 1×8 operation acting as a one input eight output DA.

AES Silence Sentinel® Standard – AES Silence Detector

The AES Silence Sentinel® Standard is designed to monitor an AES/EBU digital audio signal for silence or an out of phase audio condition, generate alarms, and transparently switch to a back-up AES/EBU audio source. Signal bypass is built-in with AES input one passively routing to the AES output in the event of power loss.

AES Switcher Sentinel® 2+1 – Web-based AES Silence Detector

The AES Switcher Sentinel 2+1 is a web-enabled three channel AES/EBU silence monitor combined with an integrated 3×1 AES switcher. It is designed to monitor two AES audio sources and one analog to digital (ADC) audio source. When silence is detected on the primary AES input it can automatically switch to the back-up AES input or the backup ADC input via mechanical latching relays.

AHR-1 Plus – Headphone Amplifier

The AHR-1 Plus is a stereo headphone amplifier designed to work with any combination of high efficiency headphones with impedances between 24 and 600 ohms. It features balanced stereo RJ45 audio, and 1/4″ TRS input jacks. The AHR-1 Plus may be desktop, or under-counter mounted.