ADMS 44.22 G2 – Analog/Digital Stereo Matrix Switcher


The ADMS 44.22 G2 provides matrix audio switching of 4 RJ45 analog inputs, 4 XLR AES inputs, 2 RJ45 analog outputs, 2 XLR AES outputs. Matrix switching allows any/or all inputs to be assigned to any/or all outputs. The ADMS 44.22 G2 may be controlled via its front panel push-button controls, contact closures, open collectors, logic, multi-drop RS-232 serial and/or TCP/UDP Ethernet commands. Installation is simplified with RJ45 audio jacks for analog input and output connections, XLR jacks for digital input and output connections, and plug-in euroblock screw terminal connectors for remote control.


Product Features

  • • 8×4 matrix audio switcher, 4 analog inputs, 4 AES inputs, 2 analog outputs, 2  AES outputs.
  • • Front panel push buttons are provided for input to output channel selection.
  • • 16 input “PIP” (GPI / Triggers) port (or remote control) with front panel LED indicator.
  • • Multi-drop RS-232 serial port and TCP/UDP Ethernet port and ASCII command set for computer/automation control.
  • • Three audio switching modes: Interlock, overlap, and mix.
  • • Internal silence sensors monitor each output and provide front panel LED silence indicators and silence alarm relay outputs. Trip level, silence delay and restore duration timing are user configurable.
  • • Front panel stereo LED VU meters and stereo headphone output with front panel headphone jack and level control for output monitoring. Configurable power-up selection of inputs to outputs, mute or last source selected.
  • • 16 SPST relay outputs, 12 command controllable, 4 for output silence detectors.
  • • Rear panel multi-turn input level trimmers and internal single turn output level controls.
  • • Electronically balanced stereo inputs and outputs with low noise, low distortion circuitry.
  • • Most configuration options are via rear panel dip-switches.
  • • RJ45 audio jacks for analog audio I/O, XLR jacks for digital audio I/O, and plug-in euro-block screw terminals for remote-control connections.
  • • Fully RFI proofed.
  • • 1-RU 19” rack chassis.