Looking for the latest firmware or SNMP MIB files? Email support@broadcasttools.com or use the form on our Support page.

Broadcast Tools, Inc. is happy to make the following items available for download.

Quick Start Ethernet Guide
Lantronix DeviceInstaller
iReasoning MIB Browser

WVRC network settings reset instructions:

Entering WVRC-8 Plus Configuration Mode via Serial
Entering WVRC-4 Plus Configuration Mode via Serial

Free NetSwitch III switcher control/scheduler application:

NetSwitch III Setup EXE

Serial Tools/Drivers:

Tera Term – A free terminal emulator for Windows. It supports VT100 emulation, telnet connections and serial port connections.
HyperTerminal Setup Instructions
HyperTerminal for Telnet use Instructions
FTDI USB Virtual COM port drivers (GPI-16+, DTD-16+, DTE-16+, GPIO-32+2)


USB to RS-232 Serial adapter cable drivers for Windows 7 (Prolific version
NetSwitch II Switcher Control Software v 2.07
NetSwitch Switcher Control Software v 2.07
TS-6 Call Screener Software
Device Installer version
WVRC-4_8 XPORT configuration via the serial port
ESS-1 COM redirector application