NTP Server Sentinel® – GPS-referenced NTP Time Server

The NTP Server Sentinel® is a standalone “ready-to-run” GPS-referenced network time protocol (NTP) server offering a complete solution for synchronizing time across TCP/IP LANs using NTP.

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The NTP Server Sentinel® combines the included GPS receiver with an embedded web based controller and is configured and managed via a web browser. The monitor and control web page displays date, time, locked satellite signal strength with multiple display features. The NTP Server Sentinel® can handle multiple requests per second, making it the choice for providing accurate time information. The concept is as simple as plugging the controller into the network, attaching the GPS receiver, configuring the unit and allowing any client to request “highly accurate” time.


Three separate GPS time referenced outputs: The first is a DPDT relay, which can be configured to pulse at up to four times each hour, pluses at 12:00, 22:00, 42:00, 54:30 each hour are configured by default. The second output is an active high driver with a 100 ms pulse each second, while the third output provides an active high driver in the ESE TC89 or TC90 serial time code format. Front-panel indicator LED’s are provided to display; power, 1PPS activity, serial time code activity and time sync relay operation.