Box O’ Relays 6 – Six Channel Isolated Relay Module (BOR-6)

The Broadcast Tools Box O’ Relays 6 (BOR-6) is a six channel optically isolated relay module, following in the footsteps of the original Box O’ Relays 4 from over twelve years ago. The Box O’ Relays 6’s new design is perfect for converting GPO outputs from AoIP systems and other devices to dry contact closures. In addition to six independent relays, the six sections may be configured via dipswitch into three relay pairs for flip-flop (set/reset) operation*.


All six SPDT relay outputs are available via pluggable screw terminal block connectors for ease of installation. The Box O’ Relays 6’s SPDT relays are rated up to 30V at 1 amp, perfect for controlling on-air lights, LED indicators, and other externally powered devices. All six optically isolated inputs are available via an RJ45 input jack as well as pluggable screw terminal block connectors and can be configured via to interface with dry contact closures, open collector outputs, as well as voltages from 3.3-24 VDC, or 25-48 VDC via an external resistor.

Compatible with WheatNet Blade RJ45 GPIO ports configured as GPO outputs or with GPIO xNodes using the optional Broadcast Tools COA-15/RJ DB-15M to RJ45 Breakout Adapter.

* Flip-flop (set/reset) operation available on PCB Rev D or higher.