AES Switcher Sentinel® 2+1

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Product Overview

The AES Switcher Sentinel 2+1 is a web-enabled three channel AES/EBU silence monitor combined with an integrated 3×1 AES switcher. It is designed to monitor two AES audio sources and one analog to digital (ADC) audio source. When silence is detected on the primary AES input it can automatically switch to the back-up AES input or the backup ADC input via mechanical latching relays. The AES Switcher Sentinel 2+1 can be configured and monitored locally and/or remotely over any IP network, including private networks, IP-based industrial control networks, and the Internet. Users can operate the product using a desktop web browser or web-enabled mobile device. Email notification may be configured to alert up to eight recipients when silence or out of phase audio is detected. SMTP username and passwords using STARTTLS or Base64 authentication are supported. SNMP traps and SET/GET are built in to allow multiple units to be monitored and configured with SNMP management software.


• Built-in web server provides simple web-based notification, monitoring, configuration, and control.

• Front panel, remote, and web-based switcher controls.

• Both AES inputs and analog input feature silence sensors/phase monitor swith front panel activity and alarm LED indicators.

•  ADC input can be configured to operate from an internal clock at sample rates of 44.1kHz or 48kHz or use an external word clock from 32 to 96kHz.

• Silence trip level detection from -15dB to -35dB in 1 dB steps for each stereo channel.

• Precise alarm time delay from 0(OFF) to 65535 seconds (18 hours, 12 min and 15 sec’s). in one-second increments for each channel.

• Alarm restore time delay from 0(OFF) to 65535 seconds (18 hours, 12 min and 15 sec’s). in one-second increments for each channel.

• Email notification may be configured to alert up to EIGHT recipients when alarms are detected.

• Email logging of system status, along with the site ID may be emailed in time spans from once an hour to once a day.

• Support for STARTTLS secure SMTP authentication (Gmail.)

• AES inputs and output feature XLR connectors.

• Analog input and output feature StudioHub+ compatible RJ45 jacks.

• Front panel ¼” headphone jack with level control and monitor source select button.

• Stereo LED level display.

• Fully RFI proofed.

• Includes PS-1515 universal switching +/-15VDC power supply with domestic connectors supplied. International AC connectors optional.

• Up to two units may be mounted on the optional RA-1 rack shelf. Desktop and wall mounting is also possible.


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