AES Silence Sentinel® Standard – AES Silence Detector

The AES Silence Sentinel® Standard is designed to monitor an AES/EBU digital audio signal for silence or an out of phase audio condition, generate alarms, and transparently switch to a back-up AES/EBU audio source. Signal bypass is built-in with AES input one passively routing to the AES output in the event of power loss.

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Additional features include: An integrated digital to analog converter with balanced stereo and headphone outputs, front panel controls, XLR AES input and output jacks, dip-switch selection of silence detection of -20, -25, -30 and -35db below zero reference; precise alarm timing delay from off to 85 minutes; precise restore timing delay from off to 10.2 minutes.


  • • AES/EBU program switcher with front panel input selection switches and indicator LEDs.
  • • Front panel “Manual/Automatic” switch with front panel LED, remote input and open collector status output.
  • • Integrated digital to analog converter with balanced stereo and headphone outputs.
  • • Audio silence sensor.
  • • Dip-switch selection of silence detection threshold of -20, -25, -30 and -35dB below zero dBu reference.
  • • Stereo LED audio level display.
  • • “External Ext” alarm trigger input with front panel LED indicator.
  • • Front Panel Power/Heartbeat LED.
  • • Dip-switch selection of reverse polarity (out of phase) detection.
  • • Dip-switch selection of alarm time delay from OFF to 8 minutes, 30 seconds in 2 second increments or 85 minutes in 20 second increments.
  • • Dip-switch selection of restore timing delay from OFF to 10 minutes and 20 seconds in 20 second increments.
  • • Two independent SPDT alarm relays and LED indicators.
  • • Two pulse open collector alarm outputs.
  • • Logic functions via microprocessor and non-volatile memory.
  • • Plug-in euro-block screw terminals, mating plugs supplied.
  • • Fully RFI proofed.
  • • Includes PS-1515 +/-15VDC desktop power supply with IEC inlet.
  • • Up to two units may be mounted on the optional RA-1 rack shelf. Desktop and wall mounting is also possible.