ACS 8.2 Plus – Analog Stereo Matrix Switcher

The ACS 8.2 Plus provides matrix audio switching of 8 stereo inputs to 2 stereo plus 2 mono outputs. Any input assigned to output one has fading capabilities. Matrix switching allows any/or all inputs to be assigned to any/or all outputs. The ACS 8.2 Plus may be controlled via front panel switches, contact closures, 5-volt TTL/CMOS logic and/or the multi-drop RS-232 serial port (control via USB or Ethernet with optional devices). Installation is simplified with plug-in euroblock screw terminals.

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  • • True matrix switching, any or all inputs may be assigned to any or all outputs. Any input assigned to output one may be faded up, down or dimmed from either the front panel, contact closures, 5-volt TTL/CMOS logic or the multi-drop RS-232 serial port.
  • • Stereo LED VU meters with front panel output selection switch.
  • • Stereo headphone amplifier with front panel output selection switch, headphone jack and level control.
  • • Internal silence sensors monitor both output channels. Each is equipped with front panel LED indicators; separate • SPDT SS alarm relays, adjustable alarm delay and restore duration.
  • • Front panel input selection switches are provided for each input channel with separate output indicator LED’s
  • • Power-up selection of inputs to outputs, mute or last source selected.
  • • 16 input GPI port (PIP or Remote Control) with LED indicator.
  • • 8 open collector channel status outputs or programmable via burst commands.
  • • 8 SPDT relay outputs with multiplex function on output two. Programmable via burst commands.
  • • Logic functions via microprocessor and non-volatile memory
  • • Most configuration options via rear panel dip-switches.
  • • Multi-turn input and output level controls.
  • • Electronically balanced stereo inputs.
  • • Electronically balanced stereo and monaural outputs.
  • • Multi-drop RS-232 serial port with data activity LED.
  • • Multiple units may be cascaded to expand inputs.
  • • 1-RU chassis