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RA-1 – 1 RU Rack Shelf

The RA-1 1-RU rack shelf provides mounting for three tri-rack (1/3) or two half-rack (1/2) “Rack-Able” configured products. The RA-1 is pre-drilled for flush and recessed product mounting. The RA-1 is furnished with filler panels and mounting hardware.

RM-3 – Single Space Rack Adaptor

RM-3 allows mounting of one or two small profile type BTI products horizontally in one rack space. The blue rack shelf is flanged for strength and is equipped with eight 6-32 stand-offs.

NetSwitch III – Free Switcher Control Software

NetSwitch III is free PC-based graphical control application for Broadcast Tools switchers. NetSwitch may be used with all of our switchers, along with switchers from other manufacturers that allow serial (Single computer) or * Ethernet LAN/WAN operation.