ProMix Hub-6 – IFB/Talkback Hub for ProMix

The ProMix Hub-6 facilitates the switching, mixing and distribution of program, IFB (cue) and talkback audio for any combination of up to six ProMix-1 or ProMix-4 units using Cat5 cable.

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The ProMix Hub-6 talkback system utilizes a common party-line signaling protocol for easy configuration and operation. Users can mix and return program audio from each active ProMix to a common balanced XLR output connector, while distributing the IFB (cue) input signal to each ProMix port.  The talkback alert signal is timed and inserted into each of the ProMix cue channel ports.  The front panel Live program and talkback LED indicator display active status of each port.  Users can configure the power supply to power any or all of the six ProMix units.