Silence Sentinel® Basic – Analog Silence Detector

The Silence Sentinel® Basic is a simple stereo/dual mono analog silence sensor designed to monitor any stereo or two independent monaural sources and generate alarms when silence is detected, it does not include an audio switcher.

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Features include: front panel, remote control and relay monitoring; plug-in euroblock screw terminals; “Plug & Play” (NO POTS) installation; dipswitch selection of the following; silence detection of -20, -25, -30 and 35dB below zero reference; precise time delay from OFF to 5 minutes in 2 or 20 second increments; restore delay timing of OFF, 5, 30 and 90 seconds and two SPDT alarm relays with LED indicators. The Silence Sentinel® Basic may be set on a desktop, mounted on a wall or optional RA-1 rack shelf for mounting up to four units in 1-RU.