2×10 DA – Analog Distribution Amplifier

The 2×10 DA analog distribution amplifier is configurable for stereo (2×5) or monaural (1×10) output via internal jumpers. It is equipped with a stereo line level high-Z input, which accepts either a balanced (+4 dBu) or unbalanced (-10 dBV) source and has five active balanced low-Z stereo output amplifiers.

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Each output amplifier is paired for stereo operation or may be summed for monaural operation without affecting the stereo separation of the other outputs. Each output amplifier has a recessed front panel level control trimmer.


  • • Input gain configurable for +4 dBu balanced inputs or unbalanced -10 dBV input via internal jumpers, eliminating the need for external input level conversion.
  • • Stereo (2×5) outputs or monaural (1×10) outputs set via internal jumpers.
  • • Front panel output level adjustment trimmers.
  • • Removable euro-block screw terminal connectors are used for audio I/O connections. Necessary mating plugs are supplied.
  • • Fully RFI proofed.
  • • Up to three units may be mounted on the optional RA-1 rack shelf. Desktop and wall mounting are also possible.