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Audio Sentinel 4»Web – Web-based Analog Silence Detector

The Audio Sentinel® 4 >> Web is a web-based four channel stereo/eight mono channel silence monitor. All four stereo inputs are balanced and feature pluggable screw terminal-block and standard RJ45 audio inputs wired in parallel for ease of wiring. Each stereo input can be configured for out of phase monitoring in addition to silence monitor or the input may be configured to act as two separate mono channels, allowing the user to monitor up to a total of eight different mono audio sources.

Silence Sentinel Standard – Analog Silence Detector

The Silence Sentinel® Standard is designed to monitor any two stereo analog audio sources for silence or an out of phase condition, polarity, generate alarms and transparently switch to a back-up source using mechanically latching relays.

Silence Sentinel® Basic – Analog Silence Detector

The Silence Sentinel® Basic is a simple stereo/dual mono analog silence sensor designed to monitor any stereo or two independent monaural sources and generate alarms when silence is detected, it does not include an audio switcher.