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STA-III Plus – Smart Telephone Autocoupler/Hybrid

The STA-III Plus provides a convenient interface between a telephone line and the user’s equipment. Features include auto-answer after a user programmed number of rings, user programmed numeric DTMF access code and relay and audio in/out control via numeric DTMF commands.

STI-II – Smart Telephone Interface

Available by special order.

The STI-II provides a self-nulling hybrid interface between a single POTS line and a users PC COM port. The STI-II is equipped with a programmable serial port, allowing control and monitoring via the users PC application software. This product makes those remote call-in recording a snap while eliminating the DTMF tones. Various LEDs, relays, pushbuttons, dip-switches and RS-232 serial port comprises the user interface to the STI-II. Two modes of operation are supported: program and command.