AC Power Sentinel® 2 – Remote Power Switch

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AC Power Sentinel® 2, Remote Power Switch, is the ideal solution for remote reboot and many other remote power control applications. AC Power Sentinel® 2 has two power outlets which can be independently controlled using a web browser. It is completely self-contained and includes a built-in web server so no external servers, services, or subscriptions are required.

AC Power Sentinel® 2 provides remote power control, remote reboot, or automatic reboot of network devices. Using a standard web-browser on a computer or Smartphone users can access AC Power Sentinel® 2 directly, and control either outlet.


• Control from a standard web browser…no special software required.
• Automatic Reboot, use to reboot devices when ping responses fail.
• Built-in web server provides direct access to device…no external servers, services or subscriptions required.
• Supports HTTP, SNMP, and Modbus/TCP.
• “Remote Services” can be used to initiate connection with external servers.
• Password protection.
• IP filter provides simple firewall.
• Selectable TCP Ports.
• 10/100 Mbps Ethernet connectivity.
• Field re-programmable; install firmware updates when available.
• Attractive, rugged enclosure made of flame resistant plastic.
• Operates worldwide (100-240V AC; 50/60Hz).
• Supplied with two IEC to domestic short pig-tail adapters cables and domestic IEC power cable.
• Wall mountable or optional rack mounting kit available.