SS 4.1 MLR/RJ – RJ45 Switcher/Router

The SS 4.1 MLR/RJ is a transparent four channel audio switcher/router with mechanical latching relays and RJ45 audio jacks. The SS 4.1 MLR/RJ is perfect for analog or digital RJ45 audio or other types of passive signal switching via front panel switches, contact closures and/or serial RS-232.


Switching is accomplished with mechanical latching gold contact relays, which means that the unit can route a signal in either direction and will keep routing signal even after losing power. Due to the passive nature of the switching, any input level and impedance can be used. Inputs may be balanced or unbalanced, while output levels, impedance, distortion, noise and balancing will match that of the selected input.


  • • Transparent four input, one output stereo switcher/router with mechanical latching relays.
  • • Uses standard audio pinout RJ45 jacks for balanced I/O.
  • • The audio “MUTE” function allows the user to turn off all audio.
  • • Internal silence sensor with LED indicator, SPST alarm relay, and adjustable delay and restore durations.
  • • Eight PIP inputs (Triggers or Remote Control) with LED indicator.
  • • Remote control via contact closures, 5-volt TTL/CMOS logic levels and/or the multi-drop RS-232 serial port.
  • • Surge protected internal power supply, power adapter with domestic connector supplied. International power supply optional.
  • • Up to three units may be mounted on the optional RA-1 rack shelf.