VAD-4 – Voice Alarm Dialer

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Product Overview

The VAD-4 is a user programmable four status input multi-number voice/pager auto dialer. The VAD-4 is equipped with four optically isolated status inputs, two temperature sensor ports, power failure input and unbalanced stereo silence sensor, which when tripped, will sequentially dial a pager and/or up to four different phone numbers and play back a user recorded message corresponding to the tripped input. The VAD-4 is also provided with four SPDT one amp relays for the control of external equipment and a separate SPDT alarm tally relay. The VAD-4 can store up to four 32 digit phone numbers and one 32 digit pager phone number which may be associated with any or all of the inputs.


  • Four user programmable wet or dry optically isolated status inputs.
  • Two Fahrenheit/Celsius temperature sensor ports. Probes optional.
  • Stereo Silence Sensor with remote telco audio monitoring.
  • Four SPDT one amp relays with momentary, latching or tone duration operation. One SPDT alarm tally relay.
  • Power failure alarm input port.
  • Balanced telco caller output port.
  • Local programming and recording. The VAD-4 is supplied with spoken words and phrases in English, while the user is free to record words and phrases in their language.
  • Front panel LED indicators for most operational activities.
  • Front panel USB programming serial port, program switch with LED indicator.
  • Front panel RJ-11 TT telephone jack used for user voice response recording.
  • Stores up to four 32-digit phone numbers and one 32-digit pager number with up to 16 digits of pager data.
  • Pager compatible.
  • CPC (WINK/COD) detection.
  • Non-Volatile Memory.
  • User programmable message repeat and global lap counter.
  • User programmable ring delay.
  • Phone line and power supply with built-in surge protection.
  • 12 volt DC universal AC input wall transformer. Optional international AC plug adapters.
  • Plug-in euroblock screw terminals for status inputs, relays, telco audio balanced output and stereo unbalanced silence sensor inputs.
  • Three units may be installed on one RA-1, RU-1 rack shelf.


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