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GPI-16 Plus – Serial/USB GPI/Trigger Interface

The GPI-16 Plus interfaces 16 general purpose logic/trigger inputs to users serial COM or USB port. The user may select from two pre-programmed serial formats; the “PIP” GPI format, which is used on most Broadcast Tools audio switchers, or the legacy AT-1616 format making it perfect for broadcast automation applications.

GPI-16 Plus/RJ – Serial/USB GPI/Trigger Interface

The GPI-16 Plus/RJ interfaces 16 general purpose logic inputs to users PC COM or USB port. The user may select from two pre-programmed serial formats; the “PIP” GPI format, which is used on most of Broadcast Tools switcher, or the legacy AT-1616 format. The GPI-16 Plus/RJ has four RJ45 input connectors and can be connected Broadcast Tools COA-37 XDS/RJ adapter using CAT5 cables.

I/O Sentinel® 4 – Web-based GPIO Interface

The I/O Sentinel® 4 is a robust, full-featured; web-based data acquisition device with four optically-isolated GPI/trigger status inputs and four programmable SPST relay outputs. The I/O Sentinel® 4 was designed to have all of the basic functionality you need is included to monitor and control your site equipment, including email alarms and SNMP.

Smart Relay 4 – Smart GPIO Converter

The Smart Relay 4 is a perfect tool for converting sustained network contact closures to pulses or applying logic/timing functions. The Smart Relay 4 provides four independent DPDT relay outputs and eight optically isolated wet or dry inputs. User programmable logic and pulse stretching (delays) may be set from 50 ms to 99 hours, 59 minute and 59.99 seconds.

SRC-16 Plus – Serial GPIO Interface

The SRC-16 Plus is connected through an RS-232 or RS-422/485 serial port and can notify your PC software program of GPI/trigger inputs on 16 optically isolated inputs and allows your software to control any of the 16 SPDT, 1-amp relay outputs.

SRC-4 – Serial GPIO Interface

The SRC-4 interfaces four optically isolated GPI/trigger inputs and four SPDT relay outputs to a RS-232 serial port. The SRC-4 can notify a users PC software program that any of four optically isolated trigger inputs have been opened or closed and allows the users software to control four SPDT relay outputs. Communication with the SRC-4 is accomplished via short “burst” type ASCII commands from the users PC.